Discover otherwise horseback riding

noeud de longe d'attache

Satisfy your goal of progression

In addition to learning to ride in the wilderness, you will learn the basics of good communication with your horse and how to treat it on a daily basis. 
You will also discover some principles of ethology, topography and farriery.

Satisfy your need for security

It is in small group of 5 riders maximum and with horses educated for the hike that you will benefit from your first walks. 
We will listen to you, respecting your pace and your physical abilities.

Satisfy your desire to relax

Our wish is to make you have a great time in contact with our horses and the surrounding nature. We always strive to bring the best advice with friendliness and enthusiasm!
Our initiations take place on sessions of 3 hours, of a day or on stays of 2 to 5 days.

Next dates

Nb de places
Descriptif Tarif T.T.C.  
par personne
13 au 14
mai 2023
5 descriptif 305€ PC
2j / 1n
Do not hesitate to contact us to open dates  
corresponding to your availabilities!

Maximum weight of rider: 90 kg  
Departure dates:  
Contact us if you want a different date from our proposals.  
Possible transfer to Le Mans TGV station  
(10 € round trip per person)  
In lodging of 2 to 4 people.  
Picnic lunch.  
Evening meal and breakfast at the cottage.  
Prices :  
The price includes the rental of the equipped horse and the escort. The mention "PC" next to the price, specifies that accommodation and meals are included.  
The price does not include personal expenses or the individual insurance of the rider.